Norse prepositions

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Question Answer
um about, accu always
fyrir utan outside, accu always
umhverfis around, accu always
gegnum against, accu always
vi? by, at, accu always
til to, towards, gen always
milli between, gen always
fyrir sakir because, for the sake of, gen always
af off, dat always
fra from, dative always
at in, during dative always
hja near, dative always
a accusative onaccusative – allative (to, towards)accusative – temporal (time)
a dative ondative – locative
i accusative inaccusative – allative (to, towards)accusative – temporal
i dative inaccusative -allative (to, towards)dative (temporal)
vi? accusative with, close by accusative –
vi? dative comitative, accompanyinginstrumental
fyrir accusative for, beforeallative, temporal
fyrir dative for beforelocative
undir accusative underallative/to towards, perlative, temporal
undir dative underlocative
yfir accusative overallative/to towards, perlative, temporal
yfir dative over, abovelocative
eptir accusative aftertemporal
eptir dative afterlocative
me? accusative with, togetherobjective
me? dative with, togetherlocative, comitative, instrumental

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