Operating Systems

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What does an Operating System (OS) provide for a computer? It provides an interface between the hardware, application programs, and the user.
What are the core files of an OS called? The kernel.
What are the three main sections of the PC operating system market? Business client, Network Operating System (NOS), and Home Client.
What are business clients designed for? It is an OS designed to work as a client in business networks.
What are NOS's designed to work on? They are designed to run on servers in business networks.
Where is a home client designed to work? It is designed to work on standalone or workgroup PC in a home or small office.
What is the interface of an OS called? A shell.
What is the taskbar's primary function To show the programs that are currently running on the desktop.
What are some features of Windows display theme Aero? Scalable icons and previews of window/file contents, translucent title bars and window borders, and Flip3D window manager.
Why are different editions of Microsoft's OS created? To create different markets for Windows.
What is the Sidebar? It is a strip that can be positioned on the right or left of the desktop to host gadgets.
What are some default gadgets? Clock, Calendar, weather report.

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