Spanish activities This is a list of how to say activities in Spanish.

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Question Answer
Bailar To dance
Cantar To sing
Correr To run
Dibujar To draw
Escribir cuentos To write stories
Escuchar musica To listen to music
Esquiar To ski
Hablar por telefono To talk on the phone
Ir a la escuela To go to school
Jugar videojuegos To play video games
Leer revistas To read magazines
Montar en bicicleta To ride a bicycle
Montar en monopatin To skateboard
Nadar To swim
Pasar tiempo con amigos To spend time with friends
Patinar To skate
Practicar deportes To play sports
Tocar la guitarra To play the guitar
Trabajar To work
Usar la computadora To use the computer
Ver la tele To watch television

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